Manage Your Online Account

Did you know there are several helpful tools to help you manage your library card online?

  1. Go to the library’s catalog homepage:

  2. Click ‘Login’ in the upper right corner and log into the catalog using your LAST NAME on the card and library card number (no dashes, spaces).

Reading History: Would you like to keep a record of the items you’ve checked out? Click ‘Reading History’ on the left-hand side bar and select ‘Start Recording My Reading History.’

Receive Text Messages: Do you want to receive a text when items are available for hold/reached their due date?  Click ‘Account Settings’ on the left-hand side bar. Under ‘Receive SMS/Text Messages’, switch the ‘off’ button to ‘on’ and type in your cell phone #.

Linking Accounts: Do you want to link multiple library cards together? Under ‘Account Settings’ click ‘Add an Account’ under ‘Additional Accounts to Manage’ at the bottom of the page and enter the information. (Note: Library staff will not provide you with library card #s – you must have access to them yourself)

Questions or Concerns?  Contact us at: 719-687-9281


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