Rampart Library District Board of Trustees Code of Ethics Policy and Agreement

Each member of the Rampart Library Board of Trustees annually affirms his/her commitment to the Code of Ethics Statement which states:

  • Trustees in the capacity of trust upon them, shall observe ethical standards with absolute truth, integrity and honor. While there may be several ways to reflect compliance with ethical standards the Rampart Library District has developed these guidelines derived from Colorado law for rules of conduct.
  • Trustees must not derive any financial benefit by reason of their position as a member of the Board of Trustees, although they may be compensated for reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.
  • While a board member, a trustee cannot contract with the District for the provision of services.
  • Trustees must not disclose or use confidential information acquired in the course of their official duties to further their personal or financial interests.
  • Trustees cannot accept a gift exceeding $50.00 in value any calendar year (i) if doing so would improperly influence a reasonable person to depart from the faithful and impartial discharge of public duties or (ii) which the Trustee knows or which a reasonable person in the position should know under the circumstances is primarily for the purpose of rewarding the Trustee for official action the Trustee has taken.
  • Trustees must not engage in a financial transaction for private business purposes with a person whom the Trustee supervises in the course of the Trustee’s official duties.
  • Any Trustee who has a personal or private interest in any matter proposed or pending before the Board of Trustees shall disclose such interest to the Board and shall not vote thereon and shall refrain from attempting to influence the decision of the other board members of the body in voting on the matter. A Trustee may vote if his/her vote is necessary for the Board to act if he/she discloses the private interest in a filing with the Secretary of State.
  • Trustees must clearly distinguish, in their actions and statements, the personal philosophies and attitude of the Trustee verses those of the institution, recognizing the formal position of the Board, even if a Trustee personally disagrees with the formal position that the Board has taken.
  • Trustees must be prepared to support to the fullest the efforts of librarians in resisting censorship of library materials by groups or individuals.


  • Trustees who accept any board responsibilities are expected to perform all of the functions of library trustees.


See Also: Colorado Revised Statute 24-18-104

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Concerns about the Board of Trustees Code of Ethics Statement and Agreement Policy must be presented in writing with specifics to the Library Director. Please provide your name and contact information. The Rampart Library District Board may amend or supplement this policy from time to time without notice and reserves the right to do so.

Approved by the Rampart Library District Board of Trustees on December 10, 2019.