Rampart Library District Foundation

The mission of the Foundation is to support the Rampart Regional Library District through advocacy and fundraising to ensure the long-term viability of the District.

Our libraries enrich the lives of everyone in our community regardless of age, social or economic status.  We need your help to supplement tax revenues and provide additional resources and services that benefit everyone. You can help our libraries stay strong by making a gift to the RLD Foundation.

The Rampart Library District Foundation Board of Directors include:

Jean Baldwin – President

Lisa Schaefer- Vice- President

Jean Baldwin- Treasurer

Denise McCoy- Secretary

Other members are:

Vicki Rector

Lorie Whitehead

Carol Holcomb

Pat Hyslop

Julie Matthews

Please consider being a part of this very important community resource by making a gift to the RLD Foundation.

To mail a donation, print a donation form and mail to the address shown on the form or return to either branch of the Rampart Library District.

For more information or questions, please email foundation@rampartlibrarydistrict.org.