Rampart Library District Resource Sharing/Interlibrary Loan

Policy Statement

Rampart Library District strongly believes in the importance of resource sharing I interlibrary loan within the library community. It allows us to provide our patrons with a wider range of materials than our budget would allow and gives us an opportunity to circulate some of our materials on a broader basis.


  • The importance and value of resource sharing I interlibrary loan is always balanced against cost and budgetary
  • We use SWIFT (State Wide Interlibrary loan Fast Track) to make ILL requests.
  • We request interlibrary loan items for patrons with an RLD resident Because of the time, expense and responsibility involved, we suggest that other patrons make interlibrary loan requests through their home libraries.
  • Depending upon the volume of ILL requests, we reserve the right to limit a patron to 5 requests at a time with a maximum of 10 per
  • Patrons are responsible for the items they borrow through interlibrary
  • We fill requests from other libraries for our materials through We do not always loan new books, audiovisual materials or high demand seasonal items to other libraries because we have limited quantities and need them to fill the demand from our own users.


Concerns about the Resource Sharing/Interlibrary Loan Policy must be presented in writing with specifics to the Library Director. Please provide your name and contact information. The Library District may amend or supplement this policy from time to time and reserves the right to do so.


Approved by the Rampart Library District Board of Trustees on July 11, 2006

Revised 2012 and approved by the Rampart Library District Board of Trustees on April 10, 2012. Reviewed on September 11, 2018.






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