Staff and Board Privileges

Policy Statement

The following privileges will be granted to Rampart Library District Staff, the Library Board of Trustees and appointed officers of the Rampart Library District Foundation and Library Friends groups in recognition of their time, dedication and hard work.


  1. There will be no fines accrued or charged on overdue library materials.
  2. There will be no charge for reasonable personal use of the fax and copy machines. Major projects for copying (20 or more pages in any given month) should be cleared with the Circulation Manager, the Branch Supervisor and/or Director.
  3. Active staff and Board members may purchase books, movies and music CDs through the District’s vendors at the library discount.
    a. This material must be for staff and Board use only (personal and/or gifts) and may not be resold.
    b. If the library is charged shipping costs, this will be passed on to the staff/Board member. Applicable taxes are included.
  4. Use of library facilities:
    a. Meeting rooms and all available equipment may be scheduled through the Meeting Room Coordinator at no cost for personal use as long as the usage is for non- profit / community purposes, the rules of the meeting room policy are adhered to, responsibility is assumed for any loss or damage and everything is cleaned up and put back into place. The individual must be present during the event.
    b. China, silverware, linens, wine glasses and the meeting room tables and chairs may be borrowed and used for personal events outside the library by scheduling with the Meeting Room Coordinator and under the following conditions:
    • The use is not in conflict with any scheduled event.
    • All items must be inventoried upon receipt by the Meeting Room Coordinator and/or the Operations Manager.
    • All items must be returned within 48 hours of use.
    • All items must be returned cleaned, undamaged and placed in proper storage. They must be inventoried upon return by the Meeting Room Coordinator and/or the Operations Manager.

Questions about the Staff and Board Privileges Policy must be presented in writing with specifics to the Library Director. Please provide your name and contact information. The Library District may amend or supplement this policy from time to time without notice and reserves the right to do so.

Approved by the Rampart Library District Board of Trustees on July 11, 2006. Revised 2018. Last reviewed November 10, 2020.