Volunteer at Your Library

VOLUNTEER @ Your Library

The Rampart Library District has many volunteer opportunities for those interested in helping promote the District’s Vision to provide “Something for Everyone”. Volunteering your time and skills is a great way to help your community and get involved.

The library may currently have adequate volunteer help in some areas so hours or specific tasks may not always be available. Certain skills, physical capabilities, customer service experience or technical knowledge may be required depending upon the job so the best quality service is provided to library patrons. Many of the tasks support daily work flow and require a high level of dedication and dependability.

Volunteers are subject to a standard background check and must be 16 or older. Volunteers under the age of 18 require parental/guardian consent and commitment. There may be some exceptions to this requirement.

If you would like to join the many others who support the Rampart Library District by generously donating their time, please contact the Library Volunteer Coordinator by phone: (719) 687-9281 x 103, or email at jennied@rampartlibrarydistrict.org.

Volunteer Application

Volunteers may be asked to perform one or more of the following tasks:

(training will be provided)

Adopt a Shelf/Shelf Reader
Reads library shelves searching for and correcting out of order items: This position requires knowledge of the alphabet and the Dewey decimal system, and keen attention to detail. Tasks include some repetitive motion, bending, reaching and manipulation of books to re-position items into the correct place. This position allows for a flexible and variable schedule because it is not a vital daily work flow function, however, attendance on a weekly basis is preferred in order to keep shelves in order. One to three hour shifts are recommended due to the intense focus required.

Processing Materials
This task is critical to the operations of the library. Here we do all that is necessary to get new materials (books, audio books, DVDs, etc.) shelf ready. It requires attention to detail and someone who can keep a regular schedule as much as possible.
Pull Lists
The volunteer would be responsible for searching for requested items or those marked missing or lost in the catalog. If found the materials will be given to the circulation staff to check in. This helps keep our catalog up to date so our patrons can more easily find the items they are looking for.

The volunteer re-shelves materials when help is needed by the circulation staff. This task requires pushing loaded book carts; lifting and manipulating books, bending, reaching and an ongoing repetitive motion. Knowledge of the Dewey decimal system and the alphabet are critical to this task.

Variable Tasks Throughout
Cleaning computer screens and keyboards, filling note and pencil holders, keeping magazines up to date, paper in copy machines, straightening up and helping to keep clean surfaces in children’s area, filing DVDs, cleaning CDs & DVDs, repairing materials, helping with special events such as book sales, summer reading program, and historical projects. The unloading of Courier boxes may be required (ensuring that materials are in working order and ILL materials are correctly identified).


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