Letters Home Exhibit October- November 2020

The Rampart Library District’s exciting exhibit featuring the history of letter writing during wartime will be displayed during October and November of 2020 at the Woodland Park Public Library.

Special Feature: Click here to read about Raymond Groeger and the 45th Infantry Division

Current submissions will be prepared for use in future exhibits.

We are asking for individuals in our local community to search through their own history- to explore your desk drawers, dressers, and boxes and ask family members involved in war efforts to contribute letters. We are looking for letters from any time period- from the Revolutionary War to the current campaign in Afghanistan. Letters written overseas or on the home front.  Letters, cards, postcards and telegrams from husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, friends, and children. Handwritten, typed, or in email form- all contributions are welcome. Letters and photographs will be scanned and transcribed. For more information and to contribute a wartime letter, please contact Michelle Harris at 719-687-9281 or send an email to michelled@rampartlibrarydistrict.org.

Release Form for Exhibit Participants

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