Request for Proposals

Request for Proposal—Coffee and Concessions Shop

Rampart Library District (RLD) is seeking proposals from qualified, experienced proprietors to operate a small coffee and packaged food concession stand in the Woodland Park Library, located at 218 W. Midland Avenue, Woodland Park, CO 80866. The selected vendor will offer cold snack options, non-alcoholic hot and cold beverages, and provide all necessary services and equipment as outlined herein.
Proposal deadline is 4:00 p.m. local (MST) time on February 28th, 2023.
I. Terms & Conditions
A. General Terms & Conditions:

  1. Overview: Rampart Library District is reimagining and improving services at the Woodland Park and Florissant Libraries. As part of this transformation, the first floor of the Woodland Park Library will become a location for service innovation. RLD is building both an audio/video studio and makerspace on this floor, and we are seeking a vendor of drinks and snacks to augment these services. The library’s first floor is currently the site of a local artist’s gallery, meeting rooms, and a Teen Room. Thousands of patrons frequent this area throughout the year. innovations will drive more use and, ideally, facilitate the success of a local food and drink vendor who chooses to create a friendly, inviting space to satisfy our mutual customers’ demand for refreshments.
    Rampart Library District provides the best service in Teller County because we believe in being Approachable, Knowledgeable and Innovative. Our libraries are famous for their passionate workers, aesthetic beauty and welcoming environments. Tens-of-thousands of citizens and tourists frequent our facilities throughout the year. We endeavor to make a difference in all patrons’ lives by providing “Something for Everyone.” A successful beverage and food vendor will exhibit a similar passion for service as we work together to improve lives in ways both big and small.
    Through this RFP, RLD intends to enter into a General Services Contract with a qualified vendor to provide services as outlined herein beginning in Summer of 2023. The Vendor selected will exhibit a willingness to continually adapt and/or potentially expand its services within the facility in response to customer needs. This RFP covers an initial contract period from the date of award through December 31, 2024, followed by three (3) annual options for renewal.
  2. Interested Parties: All interested proprietors are invited to submit a proposal in accordance with the terms, conditions, and specifications contained herein. An electronic version of this document can be accessed at:
  3. Submissions: Minimally, proposals should contain these elements:
    • Name of Company and Owner
    • Business/Individual background, experience, qualifications, and history
    • Address and contact info.
    • Location, parameters, and “footprint” of proposed service provision area
      • Remodeling or additional utilities (if needed) and the way to get them
      • Other considerations commonly included in a commercial lease agreement and in compliance with all applicable laws.
    • This is a competitive proposal process. Prospective proprietors should propose terms that create the best chance of success for their business and the library.
    • Sole Point of Contact: Questions and requests for clarification regarding this RFP must be addressed to Director Tim Miller (Tim) at or719-687-9281 Ext. 101.
    • Tax Exemption: The selected proprietor will need to collect and pay any and all taxes as required by law.
    • Conflict of Interest: Any contractual relationship between the prospective proprietor and library personnel or stakeholders in the twelve (12) months preceding the distribution of the RFP, or any similar or potential conflicts of interest, may, at the sole discretion of RLD, be grounds for rejection of the proposal and/or termination of any contract awarded.
    • Non-Discrimination: The contractor/proprietor will agree not to refuse to hire, discharge, promote, or demote, nor to discriminate in matters of compensation against any person otherwise qualified, solely because of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, military status, sexual orientation, marital status, or physical or mental disability.
    • Governing Law: The laws of the State of Colorado shall govern any contract executed between the successful proposer and RLD. Further, the place of performance and transaction of business shall be deemed to be in the County of Teller, State of Colorado, and in the event of litigation, the exclusive venue and place of jurisdiction shall be the State of Colorado, and more specifically, Teller County, Colorado.
    • Licensure and Legalities: The chosen proprietor will be responsible for procuring all licenses and meeting all legal requirements to run and staff a business in the
      City of Woodland Park, State of Colorado, and the United States of America. The proprietor will be responsible for providing and updating copies of relevant legal documentation to Rampart Library District administration.
    • RFP Schedule:
      RFP Released………………………………………………….……………January 25th, 2023
      Site Tour……………. ……………………………Contact Director Tim Miller to schedule
      Deadline for Receipt of Questions …………………………………..February 15th, 2023
      Response to Questions, 5:00 p.m. ……………………………………February 20th, 2023
      Proposal Due, 5:00 p.m. ……………………………………….. 5 pm February 28th, 2023
      Interviews, as necessary …………………………………………….TBD in March of 2023
      Potential Board of Trustees Approval …………………..……………………April of 2023
    • Site Tour: The initial footprint for the coffee and concessions shop or kiosk on the 1st floor will be relatively small, with a potential to expand per demand demonstrated through visitations and profits via the vendor in question. The space may need to be revamped to facilitate basic equipment, business transactions, and seating, depending on the nature and extent of the proposal as determined by the proprietor. Proposals should include plans to mitigate and/or negotiate this aspect of the prospective work. The best way to envision the potential of this space is to tour the site.
      Contact Director Tim Miller to schedule a site tour.

      B. Proposal Preparation:

      1. Substantive proposals: By submitting a proposal, the proposer guarantees that (a) its proposal is genuine and is not made in the interest of, or on behalf of, any undisclosed person, firm, or corporation; (b) it has not directly or indirectly induced or solicited any other respondent to put in a false or sham bid; (c) it has not solicited or induced any other person, firm, or corporation from proposing; and (d) it has not sought by collusion to obtain for itself any advantage over any other proposer or over.
      2. Insurance Requirements: The successful proposer shall have and provide evidence of worker compensation insurance, general liability insurance and fidelity bonding insurance that will be satisfactory in its coverage areas and amounts to both Rampart Library District and its insurance carrier(s).
      3. Indemnification: The proposer agrees to, and shall, defend, release, and indemnify, and save and hold harmless Rampart Library District’s officers, agents, and employees from and against any and all damages to property or injuries to or death of any person or persons, including property and officers, employees, and agents of , and further agrees to, and shall, defend, indemnify, and save and hold harmless , RLD’s officers, agents, and employees, from and against any and all claims, costs, demands, liabilities, suits, actions, causes of action, and
        other legal or equitable proceedings of any kind or nature whatsoever, of or by anyone whomsoever, including, but not limited to claims arising out of and/or predicated upon negligence, breach of contract, tort, or strict liability, in any way resulting from, connected with, or arising out of the contractor’s operations or performance in connection herewith.
      4. Signatures: The proposal must be submitted in ink and signed by an officer of the proposing company.
      5. Withdrawal of Proposal: A proposer may withdraw a proposal at any time.
      6. Proposal Submissions: Proposals can be submitted physically in sealed envelopes or by email on the forms provided herein, with all attachments, no later than 5:00 p.m. local time on February 28th, 2023.
        Director Tim Miller
        Rampart Library District
        218 E. Midland Avenue
        Woodland Park, CO 80866
        A complete proposal includes the signed document(s) with all the attachments,
        Proposals delivered after that time will be rejected.
      7. Confidentiality: All Materials submitted in response to this RFP become the property of the Rampart Library District, upon delivery, and are to be appended to any formal documentation that would further define or expand any resulting contract.
        Proposals are public information. If proprietary information is needed to support your proposal, it must be packaged separately and labeled “CONFIDENTIAL.” Such labeled items will be returned at the end of the selection period.

        C. Selection:

        1. Right of Acceptance and Rejection: RLD reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals and to waive any formalities, informalities, and deviations, which, in its opinion, best serve the interests of the .
        2. RFP Selection: It is the intent of RLD to select only responsible and responsive firms. Proposals should include a firm’s most favorable terms and conditions.
        3. Basis of Award: An evaluation committee will judge the merit of proposals received in accordance with the general criteria defined within this invitation. The recommendations of this committee will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees for approval and execution.
          The following criteria will be taken into consideration when making evaluations of proposals. This list is not intended to be exhaustive:
          • The ability to meet or exceed the requirements defined in the RFP.
          • Experience, qualifications, financial ability, and references.
          • Proposed work plan including staffing and hours of operation.
          • Core and enhanced menu options and additional elements.
          • Reporting ability, process, and format.
          • Completeness of proposal.

          D. Contract Formation:

          1. Agreement in Writing: The successful candidate will be required to enter into a written contract with RLD. The contract period will be from date of award through December 31, 2024 followed by at least three (3) annual options for renewal. The contract should be renewed in writing prior to January 1 of each renewal year upon satisfactory performance by the firm. If you have a formal Agreement or Contract that you typically use with such engagements, feel free to attach a copy to your Proposal. A Service Agreement is not a condition of accepting a proposal.
            If, in RLD’s sole discretion, the selected proposer has not executed the contract documents within a reasonable time after selection, RLD reserves the right to rescind the award and select another contractor.
          2. Amendments to Contract: Parties hereto reserve the right to make amendments or modifications to the contract by written amendment signed by both parties. No amendment shall be effective unless approved by RLD.
          3. Termination: Either party may terminate the contract without cause by giving written notice thirty (30) days in advance of termination.
            This agreement will automatically terminate on the occurrence of any of the following events: bankruptcy or insolvency of either party, sale of the business of either party, failure to comply with federal, state or local laws, regulations or requirements.

          II. Scope of Services/Specifications/Features

          • A. Food and Beverage
            • In the cafeteria, RLD desires varied and appealing hot and cold beverage and cold snack service with a basic, reasonably priced menu.
          • B. Physical Plant
            • The cafe and possible dedicated dining areas (indoor/outdoor) are located on the first floor of the building, within public library space. The vendor should own and supply necessary equipment for the provision of cold and warm beverages, as well as cold snacks. For example, small footprint, movable brewing, refrigeration, and supply containment equipment will be needed. Stoves and cooking equipment cannot be included at this time. Please include plans for purchasing and providing equipment in your proposal, including a basic layout and/or storage plan for the equipment used at the site. Some basic renovations may be allowed in the designated space, depending on the nature of the proposal and needs of the prospective proprietor. These terms should be negotiated and included in the official award and agreement embodied in the contract. Favorability of terms and viability of renovations, given RLD’s budget and space constraints, will factor into the award.
            • The vendor will be required to maintain the equipment at its cost. The vendor will be responsible for the sanitation and cleanliness of the concession area and dining areas at their expense, including the daily removal of all trash. The vendor will also be required to provide any additional furnishings, appliances, and tenant improvements that it requires to conduct business. Any such additions will be subject to approval by RLD. The vendor will pay an equitable portion of building utilities to be determined before finalization of the initial contract and recalculated each year.
            • All signage for promotion of cafe concessions will be the responsibility of the vendor. RLD and the Vendor will agree upon co-branding standards.
            • Vendor will provide waste removal service for cafe and concession production and service at its sole expense. Trash removal from public areas will be the responsibility of RLD. Customers will be able to utilize all spaces within the library for food and beverage consumption.
          • C. Customer Service
            • RLD strives to serve all people in a manner that ensures their safety in an atmosphere of courtesy, respect, and service excellence. The Vendor must have a service philosophy and demonstrated service history that mirrors this tenet. Vendor shall provide a sufficient number of staff and management personnel to ensure quick and efficient services in keeping with this philosophy.
            • Café hours of operation must be concurrent with days and hours that the Woodland Park Library is open. Within those parameters, the vendor should include a proposal of service hours to best accommodate customer needs, based upon its experience.
          • D. Additional Elements
            • RLD is seeking to establish a rich and varied partnership through this RFP. Vendors are encouraged to submit additional food service, programmatic, and promotional ideas that will enhance RLD’s offerings to the public.
          • E. Business Requirements
            • The vendor will be responsible for obtaining and maintaining the necessary permits and licenses as required by the State of Colorado and Teller County Department of Health (if applicable). The vendor will also be responsible for collecting and sending to the State of Colorado sales tax, as well as other financial measures necessary for running a successful, efficient business. Effective staffing and provision of compensation/benefits for the café will be the sole responsibility of the vendor.
            • The concessionaire will be required to provide quarterly reports to RLD on its sales.